Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Featured Teapot Racer: Time 4 Tea

Time 4 Tea was built and operated by Denny Mineweaser at Renninger's Steampunk and Industrial Show in Mount Dora, Florida. October 2018.

If there had been a prize for cutest teapot racer, this one would have won.
The cookie wheel covers are a clever touch.

Denny wasn't the Grand Champion for teapot racing, but he did win the prize for best costume at Renninger's.

Check out his backpack!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas 2018

Scenes from our December:

This is the picture we sent out with Christmas cards this year:

The Lego robot kit that Blaze received for his birthday on Dec. 6th:

Thomasville, Georgia's Victorian Christmas Festival:

The new tree topper I made to display the color-changing Santa's airship ornament from Hallmark:

A snowflake cake at Solstice:

Visiting the lights at Oven Park:

The gingerbread train:

Melted snowman bark:

Stocking stuffers:

The Hogwarts Express Lego kit that Blaze got for Christmas:

The cat somehow got into and out of that spot on the windowsill without knocking anything down.

Playing the Clue game that Blaze got for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Steampunk "I Spy" Christmas Letters

I bought these puffy letter on clearance after Christmas several years ago, but only just got around to doing anything with them. I've acquired quite a few steampunk charms and buttons over the years and this project made use of all of them and then some.

I spray painted over everything with "Hammered Copper" colored paint.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Featured Teapot Racer: Tankpot

We had three tank based teapot racers at Renninger's Steampunk and Industrial Show on October 20th.

Tankpot was built and driven by Lord Theodore Puddleton and sponsored by Aethertopia.

There was plenty of time to practice before the races.

Introducing our esteemed judges, John Sprocket of the band, The Cog is Dead, Heidi Icenogle of the Cowford Steampunk Society, and time keeper, Clete Rooney. 

Tankpot was the first contestant of the day and was a first time racer. Lord Puddleton had to help his racer out a bit towards the end of the course, but did it with such panache that he received a full 10 points for showmanship and a medal for being the "Most Dastardly Driver". 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Featured Teapot Racer: Snitzer Friz Von Tea

Baron Von Spear created and drove this robotic rodent at SWFL SteamCon in Fort Myers, Florida on October 13, 2018.

The judges awarded extra points for showmanship and the quality of the bribe, which was beautiful rosewood boxes, filled with chocolate coins.

He finished the race in 1-minute, 15-seconds and won the coveted, "Most Splendid Design" ribbon.

The slide whistle accompaniment to this race was really perfect!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Featured Splendid Teapot Racer: Earl Grey 2nd

Earl Grey 2nd is a work of engineering genius!

I'm constantly telling people to keep their racers light, so that the weak remote control car engines can move them. That was not an issue for this racer. It was very heavy, but it didn't matter, since it had powerful duel engines.

Steering was accomplished by slowing down one engine, while speeding up the other.

David Aldridge had traveled all the way from California to race Earl Grey 2nd at the Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, Missouri. I asked him if the TSA had questioned what the teapot racer was and he said, "No, but they insisted on making sure there was nothing in the pot."

David raced both Saturday and Sunday of the Festival.

He received the Most Splendid Course Completion ribbon for this race.

Earl Grey 2nd returned on Sunday with a new addition, flickering "flames" in the coals under the teapot.

David earned the Most Splendid Speed ribbon on Sunday.

Sunday's drag race:

Crafty Crow