Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Featured Teapot Racer: Sweet Tea

Oct. 19th started out with heavy winds and rain and I was damp for most of the day, but by the start of the teapot races the rain had stopped.

Sweet Tea was built as a teapot racer to be loaned out to someone who did not have their own racer. That someone was very specific this time, though. Heidi Icenogle volunteered to be one of our judges, a job she has done in the past, but I had already filled both positions, so I asked if she would race instead, if I provided her with a teapot racer. She enthusiastically agreed.

Heidi is a bee keeper, so I was inspired to create a queen bee themed racer.

Heidi not only created bribes for the judges, she even made a bribe for me, a beautiful poppy themed journal.

Driving an RC car without any practice is quite a challenge.  

Crafty Crow