Monday, May 20, 2013

Our First Beach Trip This Year

We had a really good Sunday!

We started out the morning by watching the season finale of Dr. Who while eating our Dr. Who inspired brunch in bed.

 photo DSCF2006-14.jpg
This is fish sticks with curry mayonnaise "custard", real boiled custard with bananas and blueberries, and Jammie Dodgers.

Then, in the afternoon, we headed to St. George Island. This is the beach that everyone in Tallahassee talks about going to, but we had never been.

Dr. Beach ranked St. George Island the 4th best beach in America in 2012:

Hey! This really is a first. I spent several hours at a beach and I'm not burned to a crisp.
That's because DH bought me this awesome little beach tent on Saturday.

 photo DSCN2289.jpg

For most of the afternoon we were the only people on the beach for as far as the eye could see. There were more people along other stretches of beach (near the public restrooms), but we had purposely looked for a parking area with very few cars. I'm glad we did, because I think we saw more wildlife this way. We watched a large sting ray swimming through the water and saw several crabs that were about the size of my hand.

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Milena said...

The Jammie Dodgers look so tasty :)

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