Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Scrapbook Pages

I have fallen pretty far behind on my scrapbooking, but I have been working on pages to display this past Christmas' photos in my steampunk Christmas scrapbook. I'm not quite done, but I'm pretty close.
Here is what I have so far:

 photo DSC_0003-6.jpg

Since I just learned how to do the mottled metallic effect, using alcohol inks, right before Christmas, I decided that that was a good background for this year's pictures.

 photo DSC_0004-12.jpg

 photo DSC_0022-6.jpg

 photo DSC_0011-3.jpg

 photo DSC_0014-6.jpg

 photo DSC_0017-7.jpg

 photo DSC_0024-1.jpg

Now, I just need to catch up with the rest of last year.

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Laura Morrigan said...

Wow! These are Amazing!

Crafty Crow