Thursday, March 27, 2014

Old Fashion Milk Bottles

I have seen this idea in several places, that the Starbucks frappuccino bottles look like old fashion milk bottles, but I only just recently tried it for myself.

 photo DSC_0018-7.jpg

The labels are easy to peel off. I read one source that said to use nail polish remover to clean off the expiration date and any remaining glue, but I found that Lysol wipes also work. Then the bottles can be washed by hand or they can go in a dish washer.

What I hadn't read anywhere, was that normal straws are two short to use with these bottles. Special long straws, made for soda bottles, have to be used. The straws I used came from this Etsy dealer:

 photo DSC_0016-9.jpg

Afternoon snack on the porch:

 photo DSC_0006-12.jpg


Me said...

Now you need a old milk bottle carrier.

I was just telling my husband, when I was a kid in England, that we used to get milk, OJ, eggs, butter and cheese delivered. Sadly they don't do that any more.

Crescent Moon said...

In Elgin, Illinois we didn't have the OJ and eggs, but we did have a metal box that sat on our front porch for the milkman to leave the milk and cream in. I think they stopped delivering around the time my sister was born (1971).

Crafty Crow