Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blaze's New Facebook Page

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My son has a facebook page, mostly so he can play games. I insist that all friend requests are approved by me and I'm very picky, so he doesn't have many friends on fb. He enjoys costuming, especially steampunk, and enjoys sharing the pictures of his costumes and costumed events, so this past week, I created a Facebook celebrity page for him. It will use only his online/steampunk persona name and I will help him moderate the site.

He's very excited by the the response he's already been getting from family and our friends in the steampunk community.

If you are on Facebook, please go take a look at the page and give it a "like" if you enjoy it and want to continue to see the updates. The page is only a couple days old, so we still have plenty to add.

Thank you!

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