Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working on The War Doctor, Tesla, and Ms. Frizzle

Dragon*Con is only 30 days away and costume creation is a major topic around our house right now.

DH is working his ability to grow facial hair into both of his new costume ideas. First, he plans to be The War Doctor, John Hurt's character from the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who special.

 photo The_Doctors_and_the_Moment.jpg

The costume is still a work in progress, but it's coming along nicely.

 photo DSC_0016-12.jpg

Then the goatee will be shaved off, so he can be Nikola Tesla the following day.

 photo 220px-Tesla_circa_1890.jpeg

There are no pictures, yet, of what the Tesla costume will look like. I still need to see if I can get his hair to behave like that.

The Tesla costume was inspired by a new costume that I'm working on, Victorian schoolmarm, Miss Frizzle, the steampunk version of The Magic School Bus' Ms. Frizzle, which also takes advantage of my natural hair type. My dress is going to reflect the latest subject that Miss Frizzles class is studying, alternating current electricity.

 photo MagicSchoolBus-620x323.jpg

Victorian era Miss Frizzle will be taking her class aboard the Magic School Train (Blaze let me paint a toy train he had).

 photo DSC_0003-16.jpg

 photo DSC_0005-20.jpg

The fabric I ordered for my dress has not arrived, but the Beanie Baby of Liz, Ms. Frizzle's lizard should be in today's mail.

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Me said...

Your ideas look great. We're going to miss going to Dragon*Con this year, we did a bit too much travelling in Europe. I don't think we'll go again until after we move back to the U.S. There are just too many things we want to see and do over here right now.

Crafty Crow