Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blaze's Best Friend

It was a bittersweet day for Blaze today. He got to spend most of today playing with his best friend, who had been away for the past 8 weeks visiting her grandparents, but she is moving away tomorrow. Her father has graduated with his PHD in mathematics and is going on to a very nice teaching job in another state. Blaze is very sad that she's leaving, but her parents and I are trying to come up with some creative ideas to help the children stay in-touch.


I'm really glad that they had this one last day to play together before she moved.


They always say that they are like brother and sister and they really do act like it, complete with the sibling squabbling. They even look a bit alike, especially the hair.



Tammy said...

Oh...that is sad. How about a big stack of fun post cards for each of them...all stamped and addressed, just waiting and ready to write a little and mail to each other?

Crescent Moon said...

That is a great idea! Blaze is not a big fan of writing, so we had talked about them each setting up a facebook account, so they could send pictures and videos back and forth, but getting real mail is fun, too. Maybe Blaze wouldn't be as intimidated by writing a post card as he is about writing whole letters.

Crafty Crow