Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Last Day of Special Olympics Swim Training Until After Labor Day


Special Olympic training will probably continue on Saturdays after Labor Day, but today was the last day of the Monday through Thursday morning training.

Since it was the last day, Blaze only had to swim 4 laps before he was able to go play.
I took a movie of half of Blaze's last lap and some of the fun he was having at the pool. Remember, this is a child who could not swim at all at the beginning of the summer and who, because of cerebral palsy, must sometimes be reminded to use the right side of his body. Coach Will and the volunteers at the pool have worked miracles with Blaze this year. I really can't thank them enough for all of the growth in confidence and physical strength that Blaze achieved.

"I see you with that camera!"

The sister of one of the other swimmers even added an incentive to keep the boys swimming this week. She bought Nerf guns for Blaze and his friend, but they only got them if they did all the swimming the coach expected of them. Blaze swam 6 laps yesterday to earn his. It really was a good motivator!


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Tammy said...

Way to go Blaze! The slide looks like a lot of fun. :)

Crafty Crow