Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Really Upset Right Now!

For the past couple years we have rented a garden plot from the university. I came home this afternoon to find my garden mowed down. Yes, I had been neglecting it. The bugs and the heat were just too much for me this summer. It was full of tall, out of control weeds, so I wouldn't have minded them mowing it if I had had some advance notice, so I could transplant a few things into pots first. I had a fig tree and a grafted lemon-lime tree out there, as well as a very healthy passion flower vine. They also cut down my banana trees and DH's monstrously huge lemongrass plant.
Blaze cried when he saw that all that was left of our bamboo hut, tools, and lawn ornaments was this pile of trash (which includes trash from all the other gardens that were mowed down, as well.


A handful of gardens, and one unrented plot, were spared from the mower.

So, I'm through! I'm not going to garden here any longer. I put too much time and money into that garden to just have the university mow it down without any warning. The lack of consideration that shows is just astounding.

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Tammy said...

I would be sooooooo mad! Obviously it can't be fixed or replaced. But is there someone you can yell at???

Crafty Crow