Thursday, September 16, 2010



We have just finished reading the second book in Philip Reeve's Larklight trilogy and Blaze is excited to start the third book (it should be arriving here from Amazon in a couple of days).

After saving the solar system from a power-hungry maniac and giant space spiders in the first book, Larklight, the Mumby children and their mother are ready for a holiday. When they receive an invitation to stay at the seaside resort, Starcross, it seems like the perfect way to relax and unwind, but the resort is far from being the peaceful getaway they need. Luckily the Mumby family seems up to any challenge, whether it be an attack by automated Punch and Judy puppet shows, the creatures of prehistoric Mars, intelligent mind controlling hats from the future, or mercenaries who will fight for which ever side is willing to give them the most wool ( they wish to knit a "world cozy" to keep their planet warm).

These books are fun to read aloud.
There is one species in this book that can say nothing but, "moob," so I have been teasing Blaze for days by saying "moob with different intonations. "Moob? Moob. Moob!"

This story even contains songs, like
"My Flat Cat"

Oh what a pity,
My poor Kitty,
Peg him on the washing line to dangle!
Pa's new auto-maid,
Our clumsy clockwork laundry-aid,
Put poor Kitty through the mangle!

I also have really enjoyed the advertisements that appear inside the front and back covers of the books, as well as at each chapter heading.


I wish I had hoverhogs to help me clean the house! You simply turn off the gravity generator in your house, letting all the crumbs you've dropped float up into the air. Then these handy, floating pets gobble up all the mess.


Sandra said...

I cannot remember (because I have the memory of a gnat... or maybe a mosquito) if I have recommended Gail Carriger before. Her books Soulless and Changeless are great if you want to do a little adult steampunk reading.
She also has a third book, Blameless, coming out later this month.

Crescent Moon said...

I don't think you have recommended them, but I have seen them on various sites. I haven't had much time for adult reading lately, but I would like to read those. The last grown-up book I was able to finish was Boneshaker.

Crafty Crow