Monday, November 21, 2011

Gear Wreath Ornament

I found these packs of gears in the jewelry making department at Michael's Crafts.

It turns out that the larger size gears in the set, lend themselves very well to being strung on a ribbon.

A longer string of these, would make a good replacement for traditional tinsel.

I made a wreath shaped ornament out of this string, though. I made a base with a hanging loop out of floral wire (wrapping the wire around a large pillar candle to get the size circle I wanted). I then threaded the gears onto wired ribbon. I Super Glued the string of gears onto the wire circle and tied the ribbon into a bow.

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LEENA7 said...

Ihave been meaning to leave you a message for a very long time now. So many of your posts amaze me and leave me appreciating you and all you do.Even when you go places, you don't just go.. you make it into an awesome experience. Your creativity in many areas boggles my brain and leaves me looking forward to your next post.I truly hope you continue to post of your projects and adventures. One question... where in the world do you store all those cool projects? Please let me know if you have the time. Thank you for sharing your family fun and learning. Leena

Crafty Crow