Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ula's Halloween

Ula had an awesome Halloween. My home town, Elgin, IL. hosted a zombie invasion event last Saturday, called Nightmare on Chicago Street.

The city did a fabulous job decorating and turning this into an immersive experience.

Decorations included turned over cars, boarded up shop windows, missing persons posters, and lots of fake blood.

Ula got into the spirit of things and dressed as a Victorian zombie in a long black skirt and a black bustle jacket. She also did an amazing job on her make-up.



I am the proud mother of a VERY scary looking zombie.

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Anonymous said...

She looks awesome, love the oldschool zombie look! I hosted the Lisbon zombie walk this Halloween, it was amazing, we had over 1000 zombies walking the city streets and collected non-perishables for the local food bank.

Crafty Crow