Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Ramp of Doom

 photo DSC_0010 1.jpg

This is the "Ramp of Doom" as designed by the members of Splendid Teapot Racing New Zealand. It is also the piece of the teapot racing course that I have been most intimidated by. I put off building it as long as I possibly could, in hopes that someone else would take pity on me and build it for me, but race day is quickly approaching. I couldn't procrastinate any longer and it turned out being something I could do. Curves are not easy to create and it's not perfect, but it's a lot better than I imagined it would be a couple weeks ago, when I was suffering from complete lack of confidence.

 photo 11755634_1618622461743791_496919937680937204_n-3.jpg

For the edge of the ramp, I used plastic canvas, held in place with upholstery tacks.

The non-skid surface is sand sprinkled on wet paint and then painted over again.

 photo DSC_0015.jpg

Being able to fit the ramp in the car is important, so I made it in two parts. The wedge-shaped support piece in the middle has two bolts that run through it, holding the two halves together.

 photo DSC_0007.jpg

The kids testing the new ramp and having fun with the teapot racer:

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