Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Teapot Tuesday: Featured Teapot Racer, Earl Grey

 photo DSC_0011_2.jpg

Today's featured teapot racer is Earl Grey, the over-all winner in both the October and January races.
Earl Grey was built by my son and me and operated by my son.

 photo DSC_0037.jpg

Registering for the race:
 photo DSC_0055.jpg

Practicing before the big race:

 photo DSC_0047.jpg

 photo DSC_0052 1.jpg

Bribes for the judges (the quality of the bribe is part of the contestant's over-all score in teapot racing). These are chai cupcakes:

 photo DSC_0002 2.jpg

The race:

While the judges were tallying up the scores, we ran our first teapot drag race. Earl Grey won that, as well.

The winners are announced:

 photo DSC_0020 1.jpg

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