Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mini-Terrariums or a Decorative Way for the Mad Scientist to Display his Specimens



Large, clear, glass Christmas balls ( purchased at the craft store during the after-Christmas sales)


Tiny plants (the Venus Flytrap looks nice)

potting soil, sand, pebbles, and tiny shells

one piece of paper (to make a funnel)

a chopstick or pencil (for poking things)

strong glue

The box lid made a very good stand, to hold the glass ball upright while it was being filled with dirt, sand, or water. A funnel made from a piece of paper made it easier to get the dirt and sand into the ball with minimal spillage.


A single plastic chopstick was the only tool I needed for this project. It came in handy for poking roots through the small opening in the glass ball and for rearranging things once they were inside the ornament.


I did not use any glue on the caps of the two terrarium balls, because the clip that holds the cap on was strong enough for the light weight plants and dirt. They also may need to be opened in the future for watering. I did glue the lid in place on the ornament that contains only sand and shells, because the sand is very heavy and there is nothing living in that one.



Crescent Moon said...

The glass ornament full of sand just burst open, spilling it's contents all over the desk under it. The ribbon didn't break. The glass ball just suddenly broke in half.

RunninL8 said...

I love these! Was sad the little plants we brought back from FL didn't survive! I still think there is one decaying in a christmas ball sitting in one of our hoiuseplants!

Crafty Crow