Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Skirt Lifter

I need a nicer belt buckle, or better yet, a nicer belt, but since I have neither, this will have to do. I sewed two gold "D" rings to the belt and hung a chain from them. A separate chain, threaded through the right-hand "D" ring, has a globe style pocket watch on one end and a clip on the other. That is the skirt lifter. The idea is: when I check the time, it lifts my skirt, revealing the gun in the ankle holster.

The clip was made by glueing a a lace flower over one of these clips:




The count down until Dragon*Con continues. Only 8 days to go. Chances are, I'll be working on these little costume accessories right up to the moment we start driving to Atlanta.


Heidi said...

You read my mind! I was just starting to noodle a device to get a little skirt lift for retrieving my under skirts gadgets. I love how divinely simple this one is...I would've made it much more complicated than necessary.

And have a wonderful time at Dragoncon! I hope you'll be posting lots and lots of pictures when you get back.

Crescent Moon said...

Thanks! I do hope to take lots of pictures.

Crafty Crow