Monday, October 24, 2011

The Mystery

My mother's house was broken into while she was out of town. This is very disturbing, because my 79 year old mother was left with a damaged back door, wet leaves tracked in all over the house, and an unflushed toilet stuffed full of toilet paper. There is a humorous side to this story, as well, though. They took many things from her house, but it was a strange list of items.



plastic saw horses

Only select DVD's (the rest they set up nicely and held in place with a bookend): a box set of Rock Hutson and Doris Day movies, National Velvet, Sea Biscuit...

All her CD's, which were mostly singers like Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra, along with ethnic music or novelty songs she had purchased for the theme parties she has every Labor Day.

an old radio-CD player, but no other electronics

5 Decorative, railroad-style, oil lanterns (cheap new ones, not antique)

a pile of extension cords

16 vinyl tablecloths

Although this has been awful for my mother, having to inventory the things that are missing and cleaning up after the thieves, not to mention, the insecurity that one feels after a break-in, but with that list of missing items, it would also make a good writing prompt. What are they going to do with a bunch of "chick flicks", CD's of Frank Sinatra and 12 Girl Band, and 16 vinyl tablecloths?

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Anet said...

Oh this is horrible! I hope your mom and you can feel safe again. It is so scary...
But you're right about being kind of funny too.
My best guess is; an old carpenter weirdo who's planning a party?

Crafty Crow