Monday, November 12, 2012

Ninja Birthday Candle Holders

Blaze is a huge fan of Lego Ninjago, especially Kai, the red ninja. With his birthday less than a month away, I started looking at things to do for a Ninjago birthday theme. It turns out that there are no commercially available Ninjago party supplies. There are some artists on Etsy who are filling this void, though.

I had some wooden peg people that I had purchased years ago (way back when I was making the "math gnomes"), which I have turned into little ninja birthday candle holders.

Drill holes in the top of each of the peg people.


Using acrylic paint, cover the entire peg person except the opening on the face where the eyes will be.


The eyes are drawn on with a thin permanent marker. Sensei Wu's hat is made of white clay and his beard is a little bit of natural colored wool.


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