Monday, February 25, 2013

Blaze's Airship Pirate Video

Ever since Blaze became a member of the DIY website for children, he has been very excited about earning virtual badges for the things he makes. He has decided that he wants to earn every badge they offer (the one that is all about snowy, winter activities may be a little hard to accomplish here in Florida, but I haven't pointed that out to him yet). He chose "make a dance video" as the final activity that will earn a "Dance" badge. For the music, he picked a long time favorite, "Airship Pirate" by Abney Park.

Blaze's Video for the song "Airship Pirate":

The Bloopers:

Bonus feature:
Blaze and Steambaby bouncing on the bed

Blaze's account on DIY:

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