Monday, February 18, 2013

The Winter Palace Promenade

Project: Illustrious, is an organization which hosts formal social events at conventions and

elsewhere in the Southeastern United States. Saturday night, they hosted The Winter

Palace Promenade, an event based on the 100th year anniversary of a ball held by the Romanov family in  St. Petersburg, Russia. The original ball was held in celebration of 300 years of Romanov rule. The ball, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Saturday night, was far more accessible to the common people. The tickets were only $15 per person and included a truly amazing meal, formal dance cards, and an excellent sound system playing both Waltzes and swing dance music.
It was a "black tie" event, but attendees were told that they could wear formalwear from any era. 

DH and Blaze getting ready at the hotel before the promenade:
 photo DSCF2006-9.jpg

 photo DSCF2011-4.jpg The videos of the dancing are a little grainy, but you can tell how much fun everyone is having:

 Blaze and I trying to Waltz:

 photo 285651_10151276618421924_1613754501_n.jpg

  The picture Blaze took of me sitting at the grand piano in the hotel, after the ball:  photo 55c5a525-12a3-46f9-9e31-eee45f9694a8.jpg

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