Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Fake Bun

I had never thought to myself, "I just don't have enough hair, " until I tried to do a more formal, Victorian hair style recently.

 photo 197728_2258426949596_6293260_n.jpg

I wanted a sort of "Gibson Girl" hair style, with a bun and banana curls in back, but in order to have the loose pouffy hair in front, I had to make a ponytail that was too short for a bun. So, I created a fake bun.

I started with some wool stuffing (left over from doll making), which I dyed with hair dye.

 photo DSCF2007-10.jpg
yes, I know this does not look attractive. One of my friends said it looks like human skin.

After the wool was dry, I needle-felted it onto a bun form.
 photo DSCF2001-8.jpg

The color was pretty good, but my hair is far frizzier than that,
 photo DSCF2005-6.jpg

so I added some frizzy, red mohair (also left over from doll making).
 photo DSCF2006-10.jpg

When I cut my bangs, I also added that hair to the bun, which made it even more convincing. I don't know if anybody ever wonder about this or not, but, yes, human hair can be needle felted.

The finished bun, held in place with several bobby pins:
 photo 285325_508097812567550_1453831584_n.jpg

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