Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July: Bows

Two days ago, I learned how to make traditional gift bows, so I've been making a few out of the scrapbook ribbon I bought this week (see this post from a couple days ago:

These do take time to make, but they've been keeping my hands busy while I watch t.v. in the evening. I'm starting to associate bow making with Warehouse 13, since that's mostly what Blaze and I have been watching lately.

I, also, understand that these cost quite a bit more that buying a bag of bows during the after-holiday sales, but these are reusable. I'm hoping that my family will find these attractive enough that they will look forward to using them every year, the way they do the tree ornaments and Christmas stockings. That way, in the long run, these will be cutting down on expenses and waste.

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