Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No-Sew Fancy Bows Using Steampunk Ribbons

A couple weeks ago, I discovered that the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby has spools of ribbon for sale that are printed with designs that would work well for steampunk crafts.

This week, those ribbons are on sale for 50% off, so making fancy bows has become this week's "keep my hands busy while I'm watching t.v." project.

This particular style of bow does not require any sewing. Everything is just glued together.

Each layer of the bow is made from four pieces of ribbon, cut to identical lengths.

The ribbon is first glued to form a circle. Then, a dot of glue is used to pinch the circle together, forming an "8".

Two of the "8s" are glued together, to make an "X" or more like a plus sign. Then, two "Xs" are glued together to form one layer of the bow. The bow may have two layers or several, but each level should be made with slightly shorter lengths of ribbon than the layer beneath it.

I think that gluing a button or piece of jewelry to the center of the top of the bow gives the bow a nice, finished look.

I have made several ribbons this way this week.

By gluing a large, multi-layered bow onto a black satin headband, I made a fascinator for myself.

A smaller bow, attached to a ponytail holder, will be good for a child's ponytail.

I also made various sizes to decorate gift packages (getting a huge headstart on this year's steampunk Christmas).

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