Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Hurricane Season Again

It has been predicted that 2014 will be a low risk year, but people have been advised to prepare anyway. By low risk, what they actually mean is, 10 tropical storms, 5 of those storms becoming hurricanes, and 2 becoming major hurricane.

Here is a list of the names that will be used for tropical storms this year:

The hurricane season began on June first.

Florida had a hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday from May 31 through June 8.

Three days worth of supplies is recommended for an emergency kit and I just finished collecting ours for this year. Three days worth of nonperishable food for three people is a surprisingly large amount of food. I chose only easily transportable items, incase we have to evacuate (so I'm not counting our 20 pound bag of rice as emergency food, although it will be very helpful if we are stranded in the house for a few days). To make sure that we really do have 3 meals per day for 3 days, I have placed each meal in a labeled ziplock bag. All of the meals for "Day 1" require no cooking, so that if that day is spent stuck in traffic on I-75, we can still eat.

This is what three days worth of food for 3 people looks like:

One of the fun things about this preparedness plan is that sometime around October, we get to eat all this and start collecting a new batch, so that nothing ever gets kept past its expiration date.

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