Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ula's Wedding

Ula is now married.

It was 54 degrees and rainy when the outdoor wedding took place last Thursday, but Ula has always had an affinity for water and a friend told me that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

The father of the groom did an amazing job of making sure that everyone stayed dry, by providing a canopy for the ceremony and several large beach umbrellas for the guests.

 photo DSC_0398.jpg

 photo DSC_0410.jpg

 photo DSC_0415.jpg

 photo DSC_0418.jpg

 photo DSC_0424.jpg

May I present, the newly married couple:
 photo DSC_0439.jpg

My children:
 photo DSC_0436.jpg

The beautiful bride and the proud mother-of-the-bride:
 photo DSC_0435.jpg

The next couple to show up to use the stage at Wolfe Park:
 photo DSC_0443.jpg

The wedding may have been damp and chilly, but the reception at Psycho Suzi's was tropical.

 photo DSC_0445.jpg

The food and the vegan chocolate cake were excellent!

 photo DSC_0453.jpg

 photo DSC_0466.jpg

I made a compilation of the short videos I took during the ceremony and the dancing at the reception, but this video needs to stand alone. This is the father-daughter dance that set the tone for the other fun that was to follow.

Random wedding fun:

Blaze arm wrestling one of the bride's maids:
 photo DSC_0490.jpg

This was an incredibly long road trip, in a short amount of time. I'm so tired that it's hard to think straight, but I'm very glad we went. We picked up my mother in Illinois and took her with us and I'm glad we did that, too. She kept talking about how much fun the reception was.

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