Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Teapot Tuesday, Featured Teapot Racer: Earl Grey

The Earl Grey was the old veteran racer at the Big River Steampunk Festival's Splendid Teapot Races. It had traveled a long way to get to Hannibal, Missouri and had experienced a pretty adventurous year before arriving there.

As far as we know, Earl Grey was the first teapot racer to be built in Florida, although several others quickly followed.

 photo DSC_0008.jpg

 photo DSC_0007 2.jpg

This pirate themed teapot racer was built by Lisa Rooney and Aidan Harwood and raced by Aidan. Its tiny crew consists of Captain Green, his daughter Jasmine, Mr. Brewer, and Mr. Baker.

It won the Grand-Champion trophy at its first two races at Renninger's Steampunk Industrial Show in Mount Dora, Florida, but has not done as well in subsequent races.

 photo DSC_0002.jpg

It is possible that damage was done to the suspension while the Earl Grey was having this dirt track experience. It did look majestic as it went off that jump and sailed through the air, landing upright, though (repeatedly).

 photo DSC_0006.jpg

It was already not preforming at its peak, when it competed in New Jersey at the Steampunk World's Fair.

 photo DSC_0330.jpg

In Hannibal, the Earl Grey did get quite a workout. Aidan used it to demonstrate teapot racing to people passing the registration table and competed in the races both Saturday and Sunday.

As you can see in this picture, even before the races, it had started tilting dramatically to the right.

 photo DSC_0278.jpg

By race time, it had become hard to steer.

Even good judges' bribes can't erase all sins, but Aidan tried:

 photo DSC_0285.jpg

 photo DSC_0303.jpg

On the second day of racing, Aidan won the coveted "Most Dastardly Driver" medal for most entertaining cheat.

At least for now, the Earl Grey has retired. Aidan has come up with a new idea for a teapot racer and he and his mother are in the early stages of planning their next build.


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