Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Steampunk Magazine for Teens by Teens

I'm really impressed with what this teacher in Apple Valley, CA. has accomplished with his Special Education English class! These eleventh and twelfth graders have conducted interviews, written articles, worked on layout, and published their own full color magazine., called Steam Powered Teen.


The first issue just came out and can be ordered here.

There are plans for a couple more issues during this school year. It could also turn into a continuing project, depending on public response. The magazines are $2 for a digital copy and $6 for a print copy, which comes with a free digital download. I think this is a wonderful project to support!

I ordered a print copy for Blaze. He's not a teenager yet, but I think he'll still enjoy looking at all the great pictures and having the articles read to him. He also loves receiving mail!

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