Thursday, September 5, 2013

Saturday and Sunday at DragonCon 2013

We've been talking about how there is so much to see and do at DragonCon in Atlanta, that it is a unique experience for each attendee. Even DH and I did not attend all the same panels. He went to see Lee Majors, while Blaze and I gave up on the Warehouse 13 panel's incredibly long waiting line. He also went to the Time After Time reunion panel, while Blaze and I went to meet The League of Steam.
What we all shared, though, was getting very little sleep, seeing lots of awesome costumes, and having a good time (except that the boy and I really need more comfortable shoes).

Blaze hugging his new Professor Elemental comic book as we're waiting for a taxi to take us back to our hotel at 3:00 a.m.

 photo DSC_0396.jpg

Dark goggles: the secret to napping in a hotel lobby

 photo DSC_0440.jpg

"Hey, look! I didn't spend ALL my money at DragonCon."

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