Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Comic Book Day

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Blaze dressed as the Tesla Ranger to visit the Bookshelf on S. Monroe St. in Tallahassee this morning. Free comic book day was a big deal there, with super heroes out in front of the store and customers packing the inside.

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After lunch, we took the toddler with and went to two more comic book stores, Fall Out Comics on Apalachee Parkway and Cosmic Cat Comics in Railroad Square.

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This is the combined haul of both children today:

 photo DSC_0023-7.jpg

I purchased one comic book for Blaze, all the rest were free.

This was a really good way to get new people into these stores, because I had never entered any of these stores before today.  I will definitely be going back to The Bookshelf, because it has turned out to be more than a comic book store. It's actually a well-stocked used bookstore that just happens to also have a nice comic book section.


Laura Morrigan said...

I like Blaze's Steampunk nerf and grabby hand thing! I see a couple of Steampunk comics there, Tesla and Clockwork Angels! I haven't read either, I will have to look them up!

Crescent Moon said...

A couple friends of ours also got Steam Wars (a steampunk retelling of Star Wars) as one of their free comic books, but we didn't find that at any of the stores we went to.

Crafty Crow