Monday, May 19, 2014

St. Augustine Weekend

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This past weekend was a fun mini-vacation to St. Augustine, filled with Spanish Colonial history, steampunk/Victorian era splendor, and pirate miniature golf. In other words, we had a good time!

Our tour guide of Flagler College, Carson, was both knowledgeable and entertaining.

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Food-wise, the weekend had it's ups and downs. Saturday, the steampunk group ate at the Taberna del Caballo, where we were entertained by a talented guitar player, while waiting far too long for mediocre food and sangria. I had the chicken quesadilla soup and the cheese and beer fondue, which looked like duplicate bowls of thick orange-ish glop. The flavor of the fondue was fine, but it was hard to eat since I hadn't been given a fork. The soup reminded me of the period of time I spent working in a hosptial cafeteria and the blenderized food we would make for patients who had no teeth and couldn't wear their dentures.

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Sunday, we ate at one of our favorite St. Augustine restaurants, the Columbia, where the food is always good and the service is friendly and prompt.

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