Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Pilgrimage to the John Gorrie Museum

Part two of our Memorial Day road trip, was traveling to  Apalachicola to visit the John Gorrie Museum.

I just learned about Doctor Gorrie's work while we were touring Flagler College a couple weeks ago and when I saw that there was a museum and monument dedicated to him, I knew we had to go.

 photo DSC_0052-3.jpg

 photo DSC_0051-2.jpg

It's a very small museum, just a single room, with displays along the walls and a 3/4-size model of the first ice machine in the middle. It is well put together, though. When the ranger asked us if we had any questions, I couldn't think of any, since everything was so self explanatory. I later regretted that I hadn't thought of anything to ask him, because we were the only visitors at that time and he must have been bored. 

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All hail the inventor of the ice machine and air conditioning!

 photo DSC_0058.jpg

We ate a picnic lunch at one of the tables outside the Gorrie Museum and then went for a walk around the old-fashion downtown/ waterfront area Apalachicola.

 photo DSC_0087-1.jpg

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There are some fun, quirky stores to wander through.

 photo DSC_0100-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0103-2.jpg

And, after wandering around in 95 degree heat, there is an air conditioned soda fountain.

 photo DSC_0112-1.jpg

This still left time for us to stop at a beach on the way home.

 photo DSC_0142.jpg

 photo DSC_0137.jpg

 photo DSC_0130.jpg

Even the stop at the beach turned out to be educational. I saw a man holding up what I though was a large snake skin to show his family. He dropped it onto the sand as they left and I went over to have a closer look. It wasn't a snake skin, but I had no idea what it was, so I took this picture and posted it to Facebook last night.

 photo DSC_0140.jpg

My friend Andi has now informed me that it is whelk egg cases: http://matthewwills.com/2011/05/17/whelk-egg-cases/

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