Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Pilgrimage to the John Gorrie Museum

Part two of our Memorial Day road trip, was traveling to  Apalachicola to visit the John Gorrie Museum.

I just learned about Doctor Gorrie's work while we were touring Flagler College a couple weeks ago and when I saw that there was a museum and monument dedicated to him, I knew we had to go.

It's a very small museum, just a single room, with displays along the walls and a 3/4-size model of the first ice machine in the middle. It is well put together, though. When the ranger asked us if we had any questions, I couldn't think of any, since everything was so self explanatory. I later regretted that I hadn't thought of anything to ask him, because we were the only visitors at that time and he must have been bored. 

All hail the inventor of the ice machine and air conditioning!

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