Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Fan Food

World Cup fever has really hit our housing complex. At a birthday party that Blaze and I attended Monday night, all that the dads at the party talked about was soccer, and the neighborhood boys have been playing soccer every afternoon.


What makes watching these neighborhood games better than watching the games on t.v., is that no one has a vuvuzela,yet. If you have missed the World Cup so far this year, a vuvuzela is a South African horn used to cheer on the players. They make every game sound like the stadium is full of giant bees. I think we will be seeing them here soon, as well, because I heard yesterday, that they were recently passed out to people attending a Tampa vs. Miami baseball game.

I can never pass up a chance to play with my food, so last night I made a soccer themed dinner.

For the soccer field pizza, I made homemade pesto as the "grass" ( recipe found here: Pesto Recipe).

The big game! The mushroom team faces-off against their arch rivals the pepperoni team

It looks like it will be a close match! DH and Blaze are both pepperoni supporters, but I'm cheering for the mushroom side.


At half time, the teams are even, and they are both looking hot and delicious (the meatball soccer ball was added about halfway through the cooking time, because the meatball was already fully cooked from the day before, when I made hamburgers).

But, by the end of the game, the pepperoni side was the clear winner, with more pieces eaten.

Supporters of both sides got a prize, though. Chocolate cupcakes decorated to look like soccer balls.


This morning, we will be hurrying home from swimming, to watch the United States play Algeria.


Ula said...

USA qualifies in the last minute. I had given up. Amazing. I would never have guessed it. Does anyone know what the odds are for the US making it past this next stage?

Crescent Moon said...

Ooooh! The craft blog One Pretty Thing had a link to all these great, free World Cup printables:

denise said...

I am sound sensitive and I CANNOT STAND IT when the audio is on when my husband is watching the games. The horns are evil. ;P I can't imagine how horrible it must be for the players attempting to think, play, communicate. Hee.

Tammy said...

Oh my are simply amazing. I can't believe the creative ideas you are always coming up with!!!

Crafty Crow