Friday, September 16, 2011

A Little Filler

We have now reached that part of the party where I show you a poor quality film from my vacation.

A very small sample of the Abney Park concert at Dragon*Con.


The camera bounces around a lot, because the whole floor was bouncing, as excited fans jumped up and down to the music.

It was an awesome concert but not such an awesome video. So why am I posting it, you might ask. Well, my creative energies this past week have all been taken up by the school and can be seen here, but I have this strange competition with myself. On my blogger dashboard, I like my personal blog to always be on top, but that only happens if that is the most resent one to have a new post. Thank you for baring with my silliness! Now go watch a better Abney Park video on YouTube (there are many).

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