Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Picnic Basket Gets a Makeover

Only a couples days before Dragon*Con, I found out that I was invited to show my picnic quilt at the Steampunk Exhibition. I decided it would be fun to set up a picnic scene on the floor of the exhibition, but when I looked at the picnic basket, it just looked too plain. With so little time (school had also just started that week), I should have left well enough alone, but I have trouble doing that. So, using a pattern that was really meant for embroidery from Urban Threads, I traced a design onto the lid of the basket. Then I used the wood burning tool to go over the traced lines (which, by the way, were not as clear as they should have been). I was really unhappy with the results. The design looked sloppy. The apartment and I smelled like a campfire.


I noticed some rough edges caused by the burning, so I got out a piece of sandpaper to rub at them, and scratched the basket lid pretty bad. I could undo the scratch, so I just put scratches all over the lid to give it a more worn, rugged look. I hated it! There are no close pictures of it at that point, because I was so unhappy with it.

As you can see, I stuffed it into the back corner of my display to make it less obvious.


I have finally had time to fix it.

Over the weekend I sanded it down.


I went over all the lines in the design with the Dremel, which did a far better job than the wood burner. Then refinished it with red mahogany wood finish and clear polyurethane.


It's not perfect, but I'm much happier with it now. I had never used the Dremel for wood engraving like this before and now that I kind of know what I'm doing, I want to try more.

For more about the picnic basket click here.


Anet said...

Ahh... yes, it looks much better now! I'm glad it worked out for you. (I have the same basket:)
Congrats on showing your steampunk quilt!

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