Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Hatbox for Blaze

I wanted a hatbox to protect Blaze's hats during our move and found this one for $10 at Tuesday Morning.


It doesn't really look right sitting in his Airship pirate theme bedroom, so over the past couple days, I've done something to fix that.

I cut out pictures from the pages we had already used on the Myke Amend calendar that hangs in the kitchen. I had been trying to think of a use for these pictures anyway, because they really are too cool to throw out at the end of the year. ( If you would like to look at or purchase the calendar for the coming year, it can be found here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/insectsangels/calendars/8099467-airships-and-tentacles-steampulp-calendar?p=calendar&start_month=01-2013).

I attached the calendar art around the box using Modge Podge and coated the outside of the pictures with Modge Podge, as well.

I painted the lid with black, gloss acrylic paint. The black was chosen, because Blaze says that's his favorite color.


I added a strap, so the box could be carried more easily.


The holes for the strap are reinforced with metal eyelets.


Now, it fits in with it's surroundings.

Crafty Crow