Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Steampunk Picture Day

When Ula and I had been discussing the latest chapter of the airship pirate story that she had written for Blaze, we had talked about how the garden party itself should be the next chapter.  If you would like to see the last addition to the story, it can be found here:

The idea of Blaze at a garden party inspired this year's steampunk photo shoot.

"The food is good, but the company is kind of dull. I should see what I can do to liven up this party."

"I know a few parlor tricks to entertain our guests."

"Of course I wouldn't really light it here...or would I?"

"It's getting late. Why don't these people take a hint and go home? Subtlety is obviously wasted here.
Maybe this will help."

"Neriena is going to kill me, isn't she?"

"Well, I'm going to finish my tea, at least."

"Hey, Captain! Wasn't that fun?! I tested the new Tesla cannon on the roof and it works like a dream. I think the neighbors were really impressed!"

A bonus picture:


Crafty Crow