Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Corner View: Typical Architecture

This week, I'm bringing you a small sampling of the architecture of the University of Florida Campus.





I thought this was a good representation of what the current economy has done to the construction industry around here. This building was started, but then abandoned before it was ever finished. This eye-sore now sits on a corner right across the street from the University.


A couple blocks away, a developer was going to build a luxury condo complex which would include shops and restaurants. They tore down two city blocks worth of businesses, including a church, and then went broke. The church is rebuilding and is looking close to completion, but the rest of the land still sits empty.


To see typical architecture around the world, be sure to visit Spain Daily, the host of Corner View, along with the sites listed on the Spain Daily side bar.


Joyce said...

This is so sad to see buildngs not completed even in our area. The rest of the buildings on campus are beautiful! xo

Francesca said...

What those uncompleted buildings represent is probably the fact that more money should go into maintaining and restructuring present buildings and less on building (or trying to build) new ones.

likeschocolate said...

We have so many empty buildings around here too. I wish the city would put a hold on new construction until the existing buildings are full.

Tammy said...

We have a similar eyesore just down the road from us...a hotel that was never finished.

And I agree so much with Francesca's comment.

Angie Muresan said...

Most university campuses have lovely architecture. Yours is just beautiful. And it is sad when buildings are started and not completed.


sunnymama said...

I do like the round window with the reflection in the last picture. :)

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

What great buildings on the campus. Hard times in the building industry across the world these days. Preservation should have come first, in hindsight.

Theresa said...

I love college campuses. Thanks for sharing, I have never been to this one.

jane said...

love the university´s architecture. looks like a really pretty place to live. have a nice weekend lisa! i´ll think of you sitting in the sun:)

Crafty Crow