Friday, May 7, 2010

As the Garden Grows


And now, for another exciting episode of "AS THE GARDEN GROWS"!

When we last left our hero, he was helping his mother place a tea cup bird feeder in among the herb plants.

Today, we find him standing in a row of tomato plants, that have become so tall that they must now be tried to stakes or they will flop over. He pushes each thin bamboo stake into the ground, as far as he can, and then ties the plant loosely to the stake with a piece of jute twine.



He finishes this task and begs to go find his best friend, so they can go blackberry picking together. Three days ago, his friend was afraid to eat the berries, now she brings along a plastic box to carry berries home with her, but eats so many that there are only two in the box that she takes home to her parents.


Meanwhile back at the garden...

Blaze's mother is dripping sweat, under the harsh Florida sun, as she works on a bamboo trellis. It is still early May, but already it is becoming too hot to work outside in the middle of the day.


All of this newly cut bamboo, is the result of a bamboo cutting expedition to the lab where Blaze's father works, followed by a very harrowing car ride, with many long pieces of bamboo sticking out of the open sunroof of the Toyota. Most of the bamboo stuck at least four feet above the roof of the car and it kept shifting towards the driver, as she slowly made her way down the road.

Tune in again next time for the continuing adventures of our little plot of land in the U.F. student garden.

There is a gardeners meeting this evening, so that will, no doubt, provide some drama.

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