Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Few of the Kingsley Plantation Creatures

I did not get any pictures of the creatures that the students complained about most. Horseflies, which have never been a problem before this year, have taken the place of mosquitoes as the number one problem while they're digging.
There were plenty of other insects to look at, though. This grasshopper was in the middle of one of the sandy hiking trails.


These are not small ants. I was watching them at first from the second floor window of the house we were staying in.

This gopher tortoise lived next to the house.


It's only the first few seconds of this video that I found particularly fascinating. I had never seen an armadillo expose it's belly and roll around in the mud like this before.


Tammy said...

Holy moly...look how fast those ants are running, LOL!

SANDRA said...

I have seen armadillos before but never its belly. Great photos and videos!

Crafty Crow