Thursday, May 27, 2010

What has been found at Kingsley so far this year


I was asked the other day, what the archeologists had found this year at Kingsley Plantation, but Blaze and I had arrived there Friday, just as the students were getting ready to leave for the weekend, so I wasn't able to take pictures of any of their finds. Since then I have found an example of their most exciting find on the website of another plantation.

The students have uncovered two of these hand charms, so far, which is proof, along with the animal burials they have found in past years, of African religious practices.

This particular charm is from Hilderbrand House in Memphis, Tennessee.

This is a hoe that the students uncovered at Kingsley Plantation:


They have also found the flintlock part of a flintlock gun and many old nails.

One group of students has been working out in the wood, trying to find the location of a house that predates the Kingsley house.

* The first picture and the hoe picture were taken by one of the students and posted on Facebook.

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