Monday, May 17, 2010

Porthole Mirror

As I have mentioned before, Blaze's room is very, very small. To make optimal use of the space, I have placed the chest-of-drawers up against the back of the footboard of the bed. Over the weekend, I put together a mirror that looks like a porthole to hang on the back of the footboard. This makes the chest-of-drawers seem more like a dresser with a mirror.

I have no idea what this round metal thing is supposed to be. I bought it for $2 at Skycraft.


I glued some flat round wooden disks, evenly spaced, around the metal ring, and then spray painted the whole thing with metallic gold paint.


I made grooves on each wooden disk with an X-acto knife, to make them look more like screws.
Then I glued a mirror to the metal ring and a piece of wire, for hanging, to the back of the mirror. The mirror was the largest size of plain round mirror that they sold at the craft store. I used lots of glue and didn't worry about being messy, since the back of the mirror won't show and my main concern was ensuring that the mirror wouldn't fall.



Tammy said...

I am always so amazed with your creativity.

ArtSnark said...

very cool & clever

Crafty Crow