Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lunch Time Picnic

On Tuesdays, Blaze has speech and physical therapy in the afternoon, which gives us time to have lunch, if we eat somewhere close to therapy, but since I don't get done with work until 12:15p.m., there isn't time to go home for lunch. This usually means we eat at the cheap all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, but I am so tired of that.

This is when having the perpetually packed picnic basket comes in really handy. All I had to do was suggest a picnic and Blaze was all excited. The only work I really had to do to make this work was throw some fruit and left-overs in some containers and carry everything out to the car.

It had been overcast for much of the day, but at lunch time it was beautiful, with just the right amount of breeze.




Showing off the brain hat he made at the school today.

Also, a chance for me to sneak in a relaxed homeschool lesson.

Then, there was time to relax on a cushion, eat snacks, and stare at the leaves of the sweet gum tree that was giving us shade.


I worked on the contents of the perpetually packed picnic basket a little after our first picnic of the year. It now contains the following:


4 plates

4 bowls

4 tea cups

4 saucers

2 acrylic wine goblets

paring knife

bread knife

4 forks

4 spoons

4 butter knives

Tea kettle

a folding Sterno stove

2 cans of Sterno

3 cloth napkins

salt grinder

pepper grinder

can opener

cork screw

small package of wet wipes

empty plastic grocery bag for dirty dishes

The newest additions to the set are the little thermos for milk and the stainless steel storage container.


In addition to what is in the basket, the following items are always stored with the basket:


The picnic blanket, in it's carrying bag, 3 cushions, and a set of 4 tent stakes.

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Tammy said...

What a gorgeous picnic!

P.S. I love the photo of Blaze reading. :)

Crafty Crow