Friday, April 22, 2011

Reading Improvement

After many years of trying to teach Blaze to read, he is finally showing some lasting progress ( there has been much backsliding in the past, that has required a lot of patience and repetition).

Each day, Blaze does two pages from the phonics workbook series Explode the Code. He has completed Explode the Code 2 already this year and is about a third of the way through Explode the Code 2 1/2.

At the beginning of January, I discovered an online phonics program that has been working well. Blaze does one lesson each morning, before we leave for school or therapy.
Click 'N Kids Phonics:

Blaze's speech therapist has also been using the Barton Reading program with him, although not in a very consistent way, because there are so many other things that are being squeezed into those two 45 minute sessions each week.

More than any of these programs or curriculums, though, I believe the greatest help in teaching Blaze has been getting his seizures under control. Since the proper balance of medication was found, his language skills, math, and reading have improved.


Anet said...

Awesome news!
Getting his seisures under control must be a huge relief!!!

Crescent Moon said...

He's been over a year seizure free!!
It has been a HUGE relief.

Crafty Crow