Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mag Lab

Today, we went on a field trip with the Tallahassee Homeschool Group to visit the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

 photo DSCF2045.jpg

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They said we were the largest group that had ever shown up for a public tour, so they split us up into two smaller groups. Blaze and I ended up in the smaller group, with a very friendly and knowledgable Florida State University grad student as our tour guide.

 photo DSCF2009-10.jpg

 photo DSCF2025-4.jpg

We learned that magnetic energy is measured in Teslas and that those big magnets that lift cars in junk yards are between one and two Teslas.

 photo DSCF2011-5.jpg

This magnet is located inside a hole in the floor:

 photo DSCF2022-3.jpg

 photo DSCF2015-3.jpg

 photo DSCF2033.jpg

There are only 3 big magnetic labs in the country, two of which are in Florida, but what makes this one exciting is that is houses the most powerful magnet in the world.

 photo DSCF2035-1.jpg

 photo DSCF2037-1.jpg

 photo DSCF2039-1.jpg

 photo DSCF2041.jpg

 photo DSCF2044-2.jpg

Along with the magnetic research done at the lab, they also do high power microscope images, like these:

 photo DSCF2019-1.jpg

 photo DSCF2021-3.jpg

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