Saturday, February 27, 2010

George Washington Carver

As Spring approaches and we start thinking about planting a new garden, our thoughts turn to plants and our study of famous scientists turns to Dr. George Washington Carver.


The USDA offers a free printable book about Dr. Carver, with coloring pages and puzzles, that can be found here:

George Washington Carver Book

The following link is a little biographical cartoon along with games and activities on It is a "subscribers only" site, but they offer a free 5 day trail:

George Washington Carver on brainpop jr.

George Washington Carver On-Line Jigsaw Puzzle


I found this comic biography on a website devoted to history comics that can be used for educational purposes. The artist even has a book devoted to famous homeschoolers.

Chester Comix

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Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben said...

Thank you for sharing this great free resource! I developed a unit on GWC at the Montessori school I taught for and this will be a great addition to the materials! I write for Associated Content and am going to share this. ~Marilisa

Crafty Crow