Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Valentine Sweets

Happy Valentines Day a little early!

Today was the elementary Valentine's Day party at the school and one of the little girls gave me a Valentine that was so cute, that I wanted to share it.


After Blaze ate the lollypop out of it, I took it apart to see how it was made:


Blaze and I also made candy to give to DH for Valentine's Day.


We started off with a bag of Starlight Mints and 20-ounce package of almond bark candy.


I unwrapped all of the mints and placed them in a gallon size zip-lock bag. Then, Blaze got to do the fun job of pounding on the candies with his hammer until they were all crushed.


I followed the package directions for melting the almond back in the microwave. Then, we stirred 1 Cup of crushed mint candy into the melted almond bark.

We tried 3 different methods of making the candies into heart shapes. I had two candy canes left over from Christmas, so that was our first heart.

This one came out so well, that I wish I had more leftover candy canes.


Then we made some with the silicon muffin pans and some by just spreading the candy into heart shapes on some aluminum foil.


I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's Day!


Tammy said...

Mmm...we made peppermint bark along with about 6 other types of candy at Christmastime, and the peppermint bark was our favorite! I bought extra candy canes and have been saving them (lol) so we could make candycane syrup this weekend for our waffles. :)

Crescent Moon said...

I've never made syrup out of candy canes. What a great idea!

Crafty Crow