Friday, January 28, 2011


Tonight I met an armadillo that has obviously become desensitized to humans.

I had heard rustling noises in the dry leaves next to one of the buildings between the laundry room and our apartment building. When I investigated, I discovered a rather large armadillo rooting around for food. I went home and grabbed the camera. The armadillo not only didn't care that I was there, it wasn't even bothered by flash photography. One of our neighbors and his two little boys came over to see what I had found, and we had a whole conversation about what armadillos eat and it's lack of fear, about three feet from the snuffling, rooting creature we were discussing. I know they have terrible eyesight, but I thought they had decent hearing, and that footsteps and voices would scare it away, but I squatted down on the ground and talked to it and it acted like I wasn't even there. When I was about four feet away, it even walked towards me.




Building A Better Life said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. We just have a neighborhood raccoon here. I like to watch it when I see it but we can't get close.

I don't know much about armadillos - do they have a pretty mild temperament? Well, by the time you read this I probably will have looked it up online lol.

I love the pics!


Tammy said...

Florida and Idaho couldn't be further apart, lol. I'll have to show this post to Kayla, she'll love it.

Crafty Crow