Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs of Spring


I was so excited yesterday, to come around the corner of a building and find this beautiful flowering tree:


Part of me will always be a child of the North, who is amazed by the miracle of flowers in January.

It was a cool, but clear day today, so DH took a walk out to the gardens, the first time I've been out there in several months.

There are a few young lettuce plants and heartier winter greens growing in the ethno-ecology gardens, but no pretty flowers out there yet. Someone has made an instrument out of bamboo, though.


I took a couple small branches from the flowering tree home and put them in a vase. When Blaze saw them sitting in the middle of the table, he announced, "I need a tea party!" So, tonight, when he came in from playing, he was very excited to find this waiting for him, bruschetta, cheese fondue, and lemon tea.



The recipe for the bruschetta can be found HERE.



Tammy said...

Kayla's been begging me to buy a fondue pot. I keep looking at the thrift stores around here and can't find one...might just have to go out and buy one. Kids this age just love fondue, don't they?

Crescent Moon said...

I have seen them at thrift stores before, but ours came from Ikea. We used to put hot oil in our sometimes when I was a kid, and everyone would make their own corn dogs. I remember thinking that was pretty exciting when I was Kayla's age.

Crafty Crow