Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lacey Valentine

Blaze has asked that the tinsel tree I made him for Christmas, be left up in his room year-round and be decorated for other holidays, so we have begun making Valentine ornaments.

This simple heart shaped ornament, made by weaving a red pipestem cleaner in and out through a piece of cotton lace, is our first Valentine's Day decoration.



When enough lace had been woven onto the pipestem cleaner to make it look ruffled, twist the ends of the pipestem cleaner together so that the ends no longer show. Then bend into a heart shape.


Arrange the lace to cover the entire heart and add a decorative ribbon or string for hanging.



Tammy said...

That is really pretty! ...and so simple to make!

Phyllis said...

How simple and yet how beautiful!

Crafty Crow